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wiredhub inventory and listings management for consignment with multi sale channels
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Experience the future of retail management with our innovative features designed to drive growth and efficiency.

wiredhub streamlined operations for POS,  consignment and personal shopping

Streamlined Operations

Effortlessly manage inventory, consignment, and personal shopping tasks with our platform. Improve accuracy in tracking, speed up sales processing, and keep your customers delighted.

wiredhub operational efficiency for POS,  consignment and personal shopping

Operational Efficiency

Automate key business processes to save time and reduce errors, leading to greater efficiency and business growth. Experience the benefits of accurate inventory management and seamless order fulfillment.

wiredhub grow your business with POS,  consignment and personal shopping


Unlock your potential for growth with our comprehensive solutions. Feel excited about the future as you streamline operations, enhance productivity, and make your work more rewarding and stress-free.

Point of Sale (PoS) and Inventory Management
Effortlessly bulk add and edit inventory, manage accurate transfers across multiple locations, and offer a modern, flexible checkout experience that enhances customer satisfaction. Plus, generate and access customizable sales reports for detailed analytics and tax purposes, empowering you with the insights needed to drive your business forward.
  • Bulk add and edit inventory
  • Accurate inventory transfers & multi-locations management
  • Modern and flexible checkout
  • Generate and access customizable sales reports for analytics or tax purposes
wiredhub POS for consignment with multiple sale channels and locations
wiredhub consignment interface with consignment fees, pricing rules, multiple sale channels and locations
Effortlessly invite consignors to list their items in your store and expand your inventory without upfront costs. Track consignors' stock levels and locations in real-time, ensuring seamless management and visibility. Provide consignors with shipping labels and monitor shipments, while efficiently processing payouts through cash or online payments for a hassle-free experience.
  • Invite people to consign on your store
  • Track in real-time consignors stock levels and location
  • Give consignors shipping labels and track shipping using ours courier partners
  • Track and process consignors payouts by cash or online payment
Personal Shopping
Empower personal shoppers and stylists to expand their business by leveraging your stock, providing top-notch service to their clients. Effortlessly manage sourcing requests and track real-time payment notifications, ensuring a seamless transaction process. Simplify order fulfillment and streamline payments to personal shoppers directly from the platform, enhancing efficiency and satisfaction for all parties involved.
  • Invite Personal Shoppers and Stylists to grow their business using your stock
  • Manage sourcing requests from personal shoppers
  • Personal shoppers can as easy as share payment link to client and you are notified real-time when payment is made
  • Manage fulfillment of the orders and payments to personal shoppers
wiredhub personal shopping platform checkout page with  consignment and multiple sale channels and locations

Hear from our users

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“The scales of which we can build on the ideas they are creating for us, are huge, and they are frequently suggesting ideas of how we can advance the technologies further”
“The listings pricing feature  that Fliproom has to offer simplifies the addition of my own stock to one single process and is especially beneficial when stock is to be sent out for sale in different locations”
“I love the system you guys got going, very convenient btw”
“The Items Flow section makes it very easy and seamless to track back and troubleshoot issues on orders or inventory. It accepts a unique barcode as one of the filter options to display every action performed on any instance of stock.”
“The inventory hub is great, simple and so easy”

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

What types of products can I sell? Are there any restrictions?
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Wiredhub can be used by any retailer. However, we stand up from other solutions if you do consignment or your products catalogue consist of high-fashion or footwear products.
I'm already using some software, how do I get started?
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We’ll support you with a personalized onboarding call to analyze your exact situation and get you up and running as soon as possible. For free.
How does billing work?
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You will be billed monthly, at the beginning of the subscription period. If you find Wiredhub is not the solution for you, you can request a refund in the first 30 days.
What are the fees associated with using Wiredhub for selling my products?
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We will never charge a fee directly on the sale. However, if you consign on other stores, the store you are consign to might charge a consignment fee on the sale. This depends on their consignment policy.
How does the selling process work on consignment stores?
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The details for a selling process for consignors differs for each retailer depending on their policy available inside Wiredhub. However, in general you would have to accept the sale and fulfill the item with a courier available on the platform or by your own. Once the item has been accepted by the retailer, you will receive your payout.
My business is struggling, I need to sell more. Can you help?
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Thanks to our unique position in the market, we do offer business dev and marketing services to help you through though periods. Let's get in touch